Shoppers ditching dried and packaged foods?

Shoppers ditching dried and packaged foods?

According to Market Watch, sales of dried and packaged goods are dipping, causing the stock of companies that supply these food items to go down.  Kraft Foods, Heinz, Campbell Soup, and Treehouse Foods are some of the affected companies

Among the food items selling at a lower rate these days than in past years are: canned soup, hot cereals such as oatmeal and cream of wheat, and non-dairy creamers.

I am not surprised at this news. Soup, for which sales have reported declined nearly 9 percent, used to be an economical meal. These days, you might pay $2 to $4 for a can of soup that is barely satisfying for lunch. So much sodium has been added to soups that I avoid the canned varieties altogether. If you're home for the day, it doesn't take that long to get a pot of broth going, throw in some vegetables and make your own soup. It's actually cheaper if you consider how many servings you'll get.

I'm betting the hot cereal items that aren't not selling are the overly processed,  quick-cooking packets. It's much cheaper to buy the generic simple oatmeal that hasn't been pre-cooked or put in special packages. It's better for you and lasts longer.

As for the plummeting sales of creamers, this is not a product necessity and clearly many people are deciding to buy essentials only.

Other items that customers are ignoring on the shelves include pickles, jellies, salad dressings, and drink mixes.  Again, these are all incidentals. Savvy shoppers are clearly going for the main items necessary to make a meal. I generally make my own salad dressing from olive oil and vinegar. Drink mixes? LOL. Those haven't been worth buying for years.

I can only hope that with saved money, shoppers are trying to eat more healthily and buy more vegetables and fruits.