January 2012

Shoppers ditching dried and packaged foods?

According to Market Watch, sales of dried and packaged goods are dipping, causing the stock of companies that supply these food items to go down.  Kraft Foods, Heinz, Campbell Soup, and Treehouse Foods are some of the affected companies

Among the food items selling at a lower rate these days than in past years are: canned soup, hot cereals such as oatmeal and cream of wheat, and non-dairy creamers.

Should you shop at the Dollar Store to save money on groceries?

In addition to using coupons to cut food costs, many families are opting to buy a portion of their groceries at so-called dollar stores, such as the popular Dollar General.
These stores have contracts with manufacturers to take on packaged goods that are near their expiration dates (And sometimes past them!) They sell the goods at a severe discount, saving families often more than 40 percent of the retail costs.