February 2012

Grocery Shopping as a Vegan

Last week, my grocery shopping list was sparse. I ditched pork, red meat, chicken and fish to embrace a vegan diet. It's not because I think it's cruel to kill animals. I love animals and find them precious and fascinating -- but also tasty.  My aim was to lose a few pounds and nothing can help shed a quick five pounds like going vegan.

It's a good way to save a little money too during your trips to the supermarket. While buying an extensive supply of vegetables and fruits is expensive, not having to buy meat more than balances out the bill. To replace meat, I opted for legumes, of course. Throughout the week, I made bean soup, bean chili, and red beans to go over rice. I also cooked a variety of peas. Legumes are one of the most inexpensive ingredients that can provide a main course for families.