July 2012

Dierbergs Cooking School

I highly recommend this activity for people of all ages.

This summer, instead of signing our daughter up for a bunch of expensive programs we could not afford, we did a variety of cheaper classes. We did a couple of one-time art classes, a weekly gymnastics summer special, and two Dierbergs School of Cooking classes for ages kindergarten through first grade. We attend the first of these two classes today, and we left feeling impressed and excited about the next class.

Today’s class was called “Down on the Farm,” and it included a chicken dish cooked with potato chips, cupcakes, and “moo juice,” which was like an orange smoothie. About fifteen kids were in the class, so each child took turns going in front of the class and helping with ingredients and cooking. The kitchen in Dierbergs Cooking School is lovely—it’s as clean and pretty as it was 15 years ago when I took classes there as a child myself, and it’s shaped like a demo cooking area, with a U-shaped counter surrounded by chairs all facing a central kitchen. It was just as accessible to the children as it is to adults who take courses there.